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VirtualMedLibrary’s Mission Statement is two-fold.

For Health care providers, VirtualMedLibrary aims to deliver a multi-user interphase that allows you to create, update, customize, retrieve and share your medical resources online, in effect making ‘your virtual medical handbag, and info exchange medium’.

Simultaneously, VirtualMedLibrary attempts to promote the distribution of patient-friendly health information to those who seek it. Every health care provider maintaining their library with VirtualMedLibrary will be encouraged to facilitate pertinent patient resources on their home page.


A snapshot of the current library will reveal content relating to the historical development of individual antibiotics, views on religion and medicine, commencement addresses, collections of patient resources, discussions such as those about the lessons learnt from other developed health care systems, debates such as that on the potential Avian Flu epidemic, interpretations of commonly ordered lab work, reviews on a multitude of medical and surgical topics as they pertain to primary care, abstracts from the Rational Clinical Exam series, amongst many more themes.

Readings are referenced and are often drawn from a multitude of sources, including the American Family Physician, the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, Annals of Internal Medicine, the Canadian Family Physician, the CMAJ, Up–to-Date, eMedicine, and the Canadian Prescribers Letter.

Historical Aspects of Virtual Med Library HISTORICAL ASPECTS:

Prior to being transformed online, the original content of VirtualMedLibrary were housed in a physical library at the Regina General Hospital in the Family Medicine Unit. Given the library’s constant need for update, and capitalizing on the efficiency achieved in accessing such resources electronically, the idea for a transformation of the site-based library to a virtual library came about.



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